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Andraste Aura Finnel-Faeri, Warrior Queen of Luminous, Princess of Nymphia, is the daughter of Queen Rhiannon and Auragonius of Finnel. She is a skilled warrior and tactician.


Andraste Aura Finnel-Faeri was the child of Queen Rhiannon and Auragonius of Finnel. At the time of her birth, Luminous had just ended the Latlumi War and was on the verge of collapse, while struggling against the then-new Abatu Empire. Concerned about their daughter's safety, Rhiannon and Auragonius sent her to Auragonius's homeland of Nymphia to be raised by Warrior Queen Xandrina, with the intention of one day bringing her home.

Unfortunately, Auragonius and Rhiannon did before this could happen. Andraste grew up in Nymphia hearing of a prophecy which said she would defeat the Abatu Empire. Upon her parents' deaths, Andraste traveled to Luminous in the company of Valiant, Radiance, Prince Wildfire, Spinel, and Elvin of Luminous.

She went on quests to gain allies in her war and eventually pursued the Abatu Empire into the Northern Frontier, where the war ended in a definite draw.



Andraste initially disliked Elvin Syokson because of his shady and less-than-shining heritage (His father was an infamous general and killer, and his mother was a siren). She also was scornful of him because he wasn't a warrior and refused to stand up for himself. Upon meeting him, she blatantly refused to call him by his name, instead addressing him only as 'Archer'. Despite her dislike, though, she was protective of him and worried he might be treated poorly because of who he was (while not realizing that she was doing just that). Her dislike grew into curiosity and even pity when she saw how everyone else tended to treat him. Andraste's pity for him later grew into frustration and a grudging concern, along with a moral obligation to help Elvin, after she learned her aunt had abused him.

For a while, Andraste didn't seem to know exactly how she felt about Elvin and alternated between moments of anger and deep concern for him and his well-being. After learning the truth about her prophecy, which she overheard Elvin telling Leyla, she became deeply distrustful of him, refusing to confront him about the issue and alternating between being curt and cruel. During this time, Elvin tried to reveal that Teivel of Rainia was really a vampire spy, she refused to believe him and went as far as to imply he was committing treason.

When Elvin's suspicions were proven correct, Andraste was very remorseful and guilty. She quickly grew trustful and seemingly very fond of Elvin. Andraste also began using his name. She even kissed him after he was badly injured by Sarai, though it's unknown whether her kiss was simply platonic or romantic. Afterwards, she also comforted him. It is probably safe to assume she regards him as a friend, at the least.


Radiance is Andraste's cousin and best friend. Andraste treats Radiance more as a sister than as a friend, and they are very close (as evidence by their communal bathing together). Though sometimes Andraste tends to express exasperation towards her girly and ditzy cousin, it is frequently made apparent that Andraste would do anything for her.


Clare, Andraste's royal recorder, seemed to have a lukewarm relationship with the queen. It was implied that Andraste held an odd respect for her (or at least, a much greater respect than she gave Elvin), for she referred to Clare by name from the moment they met.


Valiant is a general in the Finnel tribe. Andraste seemingly sees him as a sort of father figure for her and often asks his advice.


Xandrina raised Andraste seemingly since her birth, while making it known to Andraste that she was her aunt. Xandrina treats Andraste like a daughter, often trying to give her sound advice. Andraste sometimes ignores it (such as when Xandrina tried to convince her to give Elvin a chance). When she's about to leave, Andraste nearly cries when she's about to leave her aunt and frequently expresses concern for her. While she is in Luminous, Andraste seldom thinks of her aunt, but her insistent loyalty towards Nymphia indicates at least that her aunt is important to her. She also turns down Empress Sarai's offer to be her mother by saying, "I already have a mother; her name is Xandrina of Finnel."

Empress SaraiEdit

Andraste wages war against Empress Sarai and is even willing to kill her aunt when she hurts Elvin. However, while Andrase clearly loathes her aunt, Sarai seems to care for her niece, initially refusing to fight her.


Andraste's appearance leans more toward her father than towards her mother. She notably has her mother's lavender eyes and silver streaks in her hair. She's described as being quite average-looking, and since she's a warrior, it can be assumed she probably has a more atheltic appearance.


Andraste is initially shown to be a great warrior, but also a pampered and spoiled princess. She dislikes crowds of people and big dresses, though she seemingly doesn't mind lighter ones. She is very prejudiced, relying on others' thoughts about people rather than forming her own. She is a bit hypocritical, though she appears to be oblivious of that fact. She eventually grows into a wiser, more compassionate, and more open-minded ruler.


Andraste's magic is the manipulation of metal. However, her skills are very limited and tied in so directly with her emotions that she requires help to use it, unless she's afraid or angry.

Real-World InfluencesEdit

Andraste's name is probably a reference to a Celtic goddess by the same name. The name means literally 'she who has not fallen' and is referenced in the text to mean 'invincible'. Andraste's title, Warrior Queen, is likewise probably related to the historical Boudica, the Andraste goddess's most famous patron.