Elvin of Luminous


Dian, Latla


  • Elvin Syokson
  • Abassador Syokson
  • Elvin
  • Archer (by Andraste)
  • Little Rose (by Sarai)
  • Argenaddynn
  • Arcassile Noveclyde Pulynn Argenaddynn










  • Healing
  • Mind magic
  • Water



  • Luminous
  • Latla

Elvin of Luminous (born Arcassile Noveclyde Pulynn Argenaddynn) is the son of General Syok and Coty, who serves as the ambassador for Luminous, under Warrior Queen Andraste.



Elvin, knowing Andraste's dislike for him, is initially wary and even a little afraid of her. He seems to crave her approval for some unknown reason. He's loyal to a fault to her, even as she dismisses and refuses to even use his name when speaking with him, opting instead to call him 'Archer'. He quickly gains a sincere respect for her after she shows her softer side, though Andraste still claims she dislikes him.

He quickly finds himself keeping secrets from his queen and feels exceedingly guilty over it. This later comes back to haunt him when Andraste finds them out anyway. After Andraste accepts his friendship, he's seen to rely on her more. It's at that point that he reveals the final secrets he was keeping from her. He later turns to her for comfort after the deaths of Clare and General Adair.


Unlike her cousin Andraste, Radiance was not initially suspicious of Elvin. She seemed to confuse him slightly with her quirky behavior, but he was quicker to open up to her than to Andraste. Elvin showed some signs of being protective of Radiance, such as when they were traveling. She is always friendly towards him, and he is always friendly towards her.

He does, however, express some exasperation at her attempts to matchmake him.


Elvin's relationship with Queen Rhiannon is unclear. It is known that after he was arrested and brought to the palace, Rhiannon allowed him to live there for several years. Elvin says that he and Rhiannon had a strained, but not necessarily bad relationship, which improved after the death of Rhiannon's husband, Auragonius of Finnel.

However, Empress Sarai paints Elvin's and Rhiannon's relationship as being much darker and more violent, claiming that Elvin was even tortured by the former queen. When Andraste asks him, Elvin does agree that something happened along the lines of what Sarai said, but he denies being tortured, refusing to really elaborate on what happened. He notably doesn't deny the empress's claims. It is unknown, however, whether he lied to Andraste, not wanting her to think badly of her parents, or if he truly believes that what Rhiannon did to him wasn't so bad.


General Adair was supposed to keep an eye on Elvin, but the two almost immediately struck up a friendship, constantly teasing and bantering with one another. Elvin seemed to see the general as a friend and to trust him. The general's death did affect him very deeply.


Clare first appears to Elvin by chance. They develop a quick friendship, which develops into what may have been a budding romance. Elvin likes Clare because of her innocence and trusts her. After she dies, he's deeply affected by it and appears to even blame himself for her death.


Leyla was an old flame of Elvin's. The two spent a lot of time together during his stay in Luminous. They developed a close friendship, and Leyla (if not Elvin, too) actually loved him. It's implied that they had some sort of romantic relationship, as Leyla says Elvin broke her heart, even if it was just to protect her, which Leyla didn't know at the time.

When they meet again, Leyla asks for answers but has seemingly let go of their past relationship. Elvin has to, and he confesses several things to her, showing that they do still trust each other a lot after all the time that has passed.


Elvin is both afraid and nervous about his father. He sees himself as being a disgrace to General Syok for running away and living in Luminous so long. He is utterly convinced that his father hates him and while genuinely attempting to be a good and obedient son, he tends to miss Syok's more subtle and fond gestures.


At first, Elvin is in awe of Oishea, but his awe soon gives way to confusion when she gives him the Dark Elegem. His confusion turns to outrage after she sends him prophetic dreams in which the people he cares about die. When both Clare and Adair die, he angrily screams at her.


Empress Sarai frequently abused and tormented Elvin as a child. He doesn't appear to hate her as much as fear her for what she's done to him, telling Radiance at one point that what she has is like a disease, and it's not wholly her fault. He does appear to know her very well and would probably actually like her had she not done what she had to him. He grudgingly admits to Radiance that she (Sarai) would've been a better ruler than Rhiannon.


Elvin has a generally cheerful and joking personality, but occassionally, he shows a weary, broken down side. He has many fears, though he tries not to acknowledge them. He is shown to be quite witty and even to have a mischievous side and an inability to lie. He is also very selfless. He is very calm, though he does argue with Andraste when she loses her temper.

Throughout his quests with Andraste, he ends up growing more secretive and afraid. While at first he seemed to ignore Andraste's dislike for him, he slowly grows to accept it, and by the time they reach the Northern Frontier, he appears to have given up on her liking him. When Andraste hints that he's no longer really fighting for her cause, he doesn't argue and quietly resigns himself to her comments. He frequently fights feelings of self-worthlessness.

After their encounter with Empress Sarai, Elvin emerges stricken with grief for his dead friends and breaks down sobbing. He shows signs of suffering from both survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Elvin is described as being 'pretty', and it's hinted that he looks very effeminate. He has sandy blonde hair that lands somewhere slightly above his shoulders, soft features, and striking hazel eyes. He's very thin. It's also hinted that he has either very tan or olive-toned skin. Frequently, he appears with bruises and cuts because of the healing he does. He also has several scars.