Luminous is a prosperous kingdom west of Latla with a highly diverse population consisting of fairies, sprites, elves, and nymphs. For years, it has been ruled by a long line of powerful fairy monarchs, who have passed down the rare trait of lavender eyes through the generations. Presently, the house of Faeri rules over the kingdom. Its present ruler is the young Andraste Aura Finnel-Faeri.

Culture and EconomyEdit

Luminous is known for being highly civilized and pompous as well as being the pioneers for both silk and glass-making. Clothing is often light and open-backed to accomodate for fairies' wings. Port Laertes, a port located in the southern portion of the capital Faylin acts both as a trading post and as a safe haven for pirates and privateers.


Luminous is protected by an army of royal unicorns and by a few fairies. These unicorns have roots in the government, which operates as a co-monarchy relationship between the present fairy rulers and their bonded unicorns. The present queen Andraste had no bonded unicorn, though her mother Queen Rhiannon's bonded unicorn, King Chestnut, is still alive and helping.

The present rulers are from the house of Faeri.


Luminousians worship the six Guardians, though the people of the country have loose and various definitions of what that 'worship' entails.However, they are highly resistent to the Latlan idea of Haruspecy worship.


The Marriage of Queen Rhiannon and Prince AuragoniusEdit

Queen Rhiannon married Prince Auragonius and together they had a daughter named Andraste, who is the first half-elfish and half-Nymphian queen of Luminous.

The Latlumi WarEdit

Sometime during the dual reigns of Queen Rhiannon and Empress Sarai, Luminous became involved in an incredibly violent war with the neighboring Latla. Rhiannon believed the best course of action was to fight the war and become victorious. Her sister, however, doubted Luminous's ability to fight against the Latlans and sought another means to win. She turned to vampirism to become more powerful, but unfortunately, her plan backfired. Sometime afterwards, Rhiannon took sole control of the kingdom, while letting her husband Auragonius of Finnel take charge of the assault against Latla. However, because of the incredible leadership of Latla's General Syok, the war ended in a definite draw with both countries backing down from the fighting. This led to a great hostility between the countries, which still exists today.

War with the Abatu EmpireEdit

After taking the throne, Warrior Queen Andraste launched an attack against the expanding Abatu Empire. The incredibly bloody conflict ended in a draw with a Luminousian retreat and Empress Sarai having an uncertain fate.